Miami Heat Store

The Miami Heat Store: Your Official Destination

Miami Heat fans have plenty of reasons to congregate this summer. The franchise is also celebrating its 20th anniversary in South Florida. All of which means there are a lot of emotions brewing as we gear up for this season and beyond. That’s why it’s natural that you want to surround yourself with all things Miami Heat in preparation for this momentous occasion. That’s why you need an official team store that caters specifically to your interests and needs as a fan. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some helpful tips so you can navigate through our vast selection and stay well-stocked until next season rolls around again.

There are 4 stores in the Miami Area.

FTX Arena

601 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL, 33132


Monday – Friday: 10:00AM EST – 4:00PM EST
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: Closed

Pembroke Lakes Mall


11401 Pines Boulevard
Suite 122
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

What to Look for in a Miami Heat Store

First and foremost, you want to find a Miami Heat store that has the latest gear. All of the items in our stores are currently available for purchase, so you won’t have any regrets when you head home with your new jersey or jersey-cap combo. Additionally, we offer plenty of opportunities for you to show your support for your favorite team. That’s why each of our stores is equipped with an enormous photo gallery where you can view winning moments from past games. If there was one thing we could tell every Miami Heat fan about shopping at the official store, it would be to buy authentic gear. With that in mind, you should always look for an official logo on our jerseys and hats. You also don’t have to worry about us selling counterfeits when you order online; we take pride in offering only top-quality merchandise at highly competitive prices. Finally, don’t forget to buy something special for the little ones in your life! Our selection of kids T-shirts offer a stylish and comfortable way for them to proudly display their support for their favorite team.

Miami Heat Gear

The Miami Heat Store is your destination for all things Heat related. From personalized jerseys and t-shirts to memorabilia, the team store has it all. There are also plenty of other fun items that you can pick up for yourself or for friends and family members who want to get into the action. In addition to these items, the store also offers a wide range of merchandise from Nike that will keep you looking like a true fan on and off the court.

Show-Must-Have Assortment

The Miami Heat Store has a wide selection of merchandise to help you prepare for Game 1. Our top sellers include T-shirts, hats, jerseys, and hoodies. We also carry a large assortment of gifts for the upcoming basketball season that would make an excellent addition to any fan’s collection. If you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it on our site, feel free to let us know! We pride ourselves on providing a customer service experience unlike any other and want to be sure we provide the best possible shopping experience for all fans this summer. Digital Marketing Essentials

Staff Picks and Deals

As the official team store of the Miami Heat, we have a variety of styles and sizes for every member of your household. That includes tees, sweatshirts, hats, jerseys, socks, and much more. We also offer a variety of colors and designs to suit any taste or style. Plus, we have lots of deals on select items so you can show off your loyalty without breaking the bank.

Popular Pro Items

1. Heat Short-Sleeve T-Shirt 2. Miami Heat Mesh Jersey 3. Miami Heat NBA Socks 4. Miami Heat Stitched Baseball Cap 5. Miami Heat Logo Bandana 6. Nike LeBron X Low

Recommended for Kids and Teens

The Miami Heat Store is a perfect destination for every fan, young and old. If you have kids or teens who love the game of basketball and the Miami Heat, we have plenty of options that will make them happy. From t-shirts to jerseys to collectibles, there’s something for everyone in our store. You can also find some great gifts for the whole family on our site. If your kids and teens are looking for something special, we also carry a selection of team-signed memorabilia items from players like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and more. These rare pieces will surely be cherished by any fan lucky enough to snag one.

Popular for Moms and Dads

If you’re looking for a store that is great for kids and mom or dad, we have some excellent choices. Our kids section has a ton of toys that are perfect for the young ones in your life. They also have jerseys, apparel, and accessories to keep them feeling like they are a part of the team. But if you’re looking for something more adult-oriented, we offer tons of merchandise from the pros like Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. From clothing to collectibles and more, you can find what you need in our Miami Heat Store.

Final Words: From here on out, it’s all game time!

The Miami Heat Store is the official destination for all your Miami Heat needs. From jerseys and shorts to caps and more, you can find it here. The store carries a wide range of products–from jerseys to shirts, from hats to t-shirts–so you’ll always have something worth rocking on game day. Our goal is to make sure every fan is well-stocked with the gear they need to stay motivated throughout the season and beyond. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some helpful tips so you can navigate through our vast selection and stay well-stocked until next season rolls around again. Make sure you check out our website for product availability and sizing information before purchasing anything!


What are the benefits of shopping at an official team store?

Oh, boy. There are plenty of reasons to shop at an official team store, and this season will be no exception. From commemorative jerseys to collectible merchandise, there’s plenty of great stuff to pick up at the store before the season starts. First off, you can get the ultimate Miami Heat stocking stuffer: a team-branded gift bag. These are perfect for tossing in your holiday presents or for storing your candies until their perfect moment. Alternatively, you can use one as a doggy bag for your restaurant takeout. For those that prefer something more durable, you can go with a commemorative jersey. There are tons of styles, sizes and colors available so you can find one that’s perfect for you or the person in your life who was born in 1997 but who doesn’t care about basketball. If that person is a Heat fan though (or perhaps one of their siblings), they’ll surely love receiving one as a gift. If you’re looking to make a purchase that involves more than just one item try out collectibles like autographed photos or posters. Either way, it’s always great to get something signed by the players themselves or even by broadcasters like Fox Sports Miami play-by-play man Mark Willmore. Finally, if you want something that won’t end up being used as a Christmas tree ornament then there are plenty of other gifts available such as merchandise bags and backpacks. Whether you want something colorful or practical, there’s bound to be a bag or backpack that fits your needs perfectly.

What are the different types of merchandise available at an official team store?

There are plenty of reasons to start gathering in the team store to prepare for the forthcoming NBA season, especially if you’re a Heat fan. One of the primary reasons is because the franchise is entering its 20th year in South Florida. This means there’s a lot of emotion surrounding the upcoming season and the promise of many more years together in Miami. That’s why you want to surround yourself with all things Miami Heat in preparation for this momentous occasion. That’s why you need an official team store that caters specifically to your interests and needs. There are many different traditions that surround being a fan of an NBA team, including gathering around their merchandise pop-up stores during playoff runs. The Heat will have numerous opportunities to make a deep run into the postseason this year, so you can expect the team store to be bustling with fans come playoff time. There will also be plenty of opportunities throughout the season to meet up with your fellow fans at playoff games and other events, so getting your merchandise before everyone else is even more important than ever before. All of this culminates in an unofficial season-long party that will be happening throughout your time in South Florida. If you weren’t already, now you know why being a fan of an NBA team is such a special experience that brings people together for years on end.

What are the different payment options available at an official team store?

It’s hard to pick just a few items off the endless selection of Miami Heat memorabilia available at an official team store. There are tees, hoodies and compression shorts that are all screaming for your attention. As for the discounts, there are two you really want to take advantage of: finals gear and clearance items. Nationals gear and clearance items don’t stay on the shelves for long. This means you need to grab them as soon as they become available. The first discounts start in late June through early July. There’s an additional discount on clearance items during early July until the beginning of August. The discounts continue throughout August until early September, which is finals gear month. All of this will help you save money on some of your favorite Miami Heat gear!