Short Term Parking Miami Airport

Guide to Short-Term Parking at Miami Airport

Short Term Parking Miami Airport – Convenient short-term parking for Miami Airport is situated near the terminals, making it easy for travelers to reach their destination quickly. Two options are available: Valet Parking Garage and Economy Garage. Their rates are based on hours used or a day rate. Numerous spots are close to the departure area; short-term parking is the best choice for those wanting to get to their destination quickly and needing access to their vehicle.

Valet Parking Garage provides a safe car park with an attendant on hand 24/7. Whether you’re dropped off or driving yourself, their valet staff assists with your car needs. Rates are $25 per day (prices may vary) for up to 12 hours, and each extra hour is $3. If you lose your ticket, the cost is $45.

Economy Garage also offers convenient parking near the terminals, but cheaper than Valet. For up to 12 hours, it costs $20 (prices may vary). The extended day rate covers up to 24 hours and is $22 per day. Each further hour is $1, so double check before leaving. As with Valet, if you lose your ticket, the charge is $45.

Benefits of Short-Term Parking at Miami Airport

At Miami Airport, short-term parking is a great way to get to your boarding gate quickly. The benefits of this option are:

  • Convenience – No need to search for a spot, and no need for extra transportation.
  • Flexibility – You can adjust your flight times if needed.
  • Savings – It’s cheaper than long-term options.
  • Security – Patrolled areas keep your car safe.

How to Find the Best Short-Term Parking Spot at Miami Airport

Short-term parking at Miami Airport can be tricky. But with some planning, you can find the perfect spot. Firstly, check the airport’s website. It has a range of options, like garages, curbside pick up, and shuttle services. Make sure you know how long you’ll stay, as some garages have daily max or min rates.

Secondly, choose the right lot. For overnight or multi-day stays, use an offsite lot. These usually charge per day, rather than hourly fees at garages. Lastly, take advantage of discounts or promotions. For example, prepaid parking or all-day passes can save money. Short-term travelers can get discounted valet service, so their car is ready upon arrival.

By considering these steps, you can get the best short-term parking spot for your needs at Miami Airport!

What to Expect When Parking at Miami Airport

When looking for short-term parking at Miami International Airport, there are a few options. License plate recognition technology is used, so just enter your license plate info.

Short-term and daily parking is available in the Terminal Garage and onsite Airport Parking Lots.

  • Terminal Garage: Rates are $2/hr 0-3 hrs and then $20 for 24 hrs. Maximum stay is 7 days for powered sites, or 14 days for unpowered.
  • Airport Parking Lots: Located near terminals. Compact spots are $17/day and large spots are $19/day. Maximum stay is 30 days (subject to availability). Payment options include cash, credit card, debit card, and online systems like PayPal and Google Pay.

Onsite staff are available to help travelers with parking questions. All airport staff wear uniforms, so just look for them.

Tips for Safe and Secure Short-Term Parking at Miami Airport

Secure short-term parking at Miami International Airport (MIA) is nearby both North and South Terminals. Reservations let you find a spot and rates for up to 6 hours. For business or pleasure, secure parking gives peace of mind. Here are tips for safe and secure short-term parking at MIA.

  • Pick Secure Parking Lots: Some MIA lots have 24-hour surveillance cameras and/or roving patrols for extra protection. These cost more than regular long-term public parking lots.
  • Read Rules and Regulations: Check rules before leaving the airport such as length or origin of stay, cancelation or amendment, refunds for unused days (if applicable), etc. Many lots need proof of insurance when dropping off your vehicle.
  • Use Automatic Payment Options: Some airport lots have automatic payment options. This lets you worry less about payment on return trip, if you know how long you’ll be away from your car.
  • Hide Valuables: Put valuable items out of sight in the trunk or glove compartment before giving up possession of the keys with the lot attendants.

By following these tips, travelers can leave their car safely while they enjoy Miami!

Cost of Short-Term Parking at Miami Airport

Short-term parking at Miami Airport has different costs, depending on how long you stay and which lot. Usually, for uncovered parking, it starts at $17 a day in one of the three lots – or $19 for covered parking. For one week, it begins at $93. You pay the same rate for each 24-hour period. No discount for longer stays.

Hourly rates are different – and based on the time parked – up to the daily rate. If you have an oversized vehicle, extra fees may apply – greater than the standard rate. Special discounts may be available for AAA members, military veterans, etc.check with the attendant first. Payment can be made with credit cards, cash or traveler’s checks.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Short-Term Parking Experience at Miami Airport

When visiting Miami Airport, maximize your short-term parking experience. It’s available for dropping off and picking up passengers, picking up rental cars, and just needing a place to leave your car for a couple of hours. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

  1. Mind the time limits: Most lots have a thirty-minute time limit. Failing to do this could lead to additional fees or citations.
  2. Get familiar with the layout: Know where to park and where not to park. Avoid trouble spots and no parking zones.
  3. Use customer services if needed: If you have questions, customer service attendants can assist you.
  4. Look for discounts: Check online or onsite for promotional discounts that could save you money. Look at deal sites or individual lots for accepted payment methods.


Consider all these points! You can now decide the most cost-effective way to park your car at Miami International Airport. Generally, short term parking is more convenient and cheaper for those who don’t need to store the car for too long. But, if you plan to leave your vehicle for more than a few days, long term parking could be more economical.

Before making a decision, check all options carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of short-term parking at Miami Airport?
A: The cost of short-term parking at Miami Airport is $2 per hour up to a daily maximum of $17.

Q: How long can I park in the short-term lot at Miami Airport?
A: You can park in the short-term lot for up to 7 days.

Q: What payment methods are accepted at the Miami Airport short-term parking lot?
A: Miami Airport accepts cash, credit cards, and debit cards as payment methods at the short-term parking lot.