Port Parking Miami

A Guide to Port Parking in Miami

Port parking in Miami is a great choice for those seeking to cruise or do other port activities. There are quite a few options, which can be found to meet one’s needs. This guide gives an idea about the different types of port parking, their locations, and how they are used.

For those taking ocean cruises, there are several options for port parking:

Park N Cruise Facilities and Cruise Line-Owned lots are the most popular. These provide access to ship terminals within walking distance.

Park N Cruise Facilities provide an easy route to ship terminals with their own dedicated parking lot near the terminal building entrance. Discounted cruising packages can be pre-purchased online or at nearby locations. Upon arrival, passengers can get to their ship’s terminal quickly.

The Cruise Line-Owned Lots give even more convenience with drop off points right by the terminal building entrance. Reservations can be made while purchasing tickets online. If not, they can be requested at the lot directly before sailing.

Benefits of Port Parking in Miami

Port parking in Miami has many perks for travelers going on a cruise or trip from the vicinity. It’s a cheap and comfortable way of accessing major port terminals. Plus, there are lots of other benefits too.

Port parking in Miami lets travelers set off without any worries or hassle. Here are a few of the top benefits:

  • Convenience – Port parking in Miami makes it easy and time-saving for travelers. You don’t have to search for a parking spot around the terminal or pay expensive fees for short-term parking garages. Just drop off your car before boarding and you’re good to go!
  • Cost Savings – With port parking in Miami, you can save money while being sure your car is safe. This type of transportation service is affordable, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on pre-departure expenses.
  • Security and Safety – Port Parking facilities are secure and monitored. So, all vehicles left behind are kept safe even when away for a long time. Surveillance systems ensure 24/7 protection from intruders, storms, theft, and other potential threats.
  • Accessibility – Most port relocation solutions offer easy pickup/drop off at all nearby terminals, as well as other places where passengers have disembarked from cruises/ferries. This makes port parking the perfect choice for exploring nearby towns, cities, or attractions without worrying about transportation.

Locations of Port Parking in Miami

Visiting Miami? There’s lots of port parking available! Choose from commercial and non-commercial lots near the cruise terminals at PortMiami, Downtown Miami and other areas. Non-commercial lots usually charge daily rates, and no advance booking is necessary. Commercial lots are costlier, but they may offer more secure spaces plus car-washing services.

Wherever your travels take you in Miami, there should be plenty of port parking options!

Cost of Port Parking in Miami

Parking at the Port of Miami is available for short-term and long-term use. Costs vary depending on the length of stay and type of vehicle. Pre-paying for 12 hours gives a discounted rate compared to hourly payments.

  • Short-term (up to 4 hours) for cars is $5/hr; RVs and motorhomes are $10/hr; buses are $15/hr.
  • Stays exceeding 4 hours cost a flat rate of $20.

Payment can be made with Cash, Credit Card, Apple Pay or Android Pay when entering the port parking lot. Passengers staying more than 12 hours can get a daily rate of $22 (Zone 1) or $18 (Zones 2-7). These rates can be pre-paid up to 48 hours in advance online or at an onsite kiosk, but only for cash payments. The online portal can still be used by short-term parkers, but pre-payments will not be accepted for less than twelve hours.

All long-term daily tenants must register via the online system before entering Port property. This ensures spaces are guaranteed and also speeds up the bag check process. This makes the Miami Cruise Ports one of the top rated destinations, as customers rate it highly year after year due to the special touch given to maximize the guest experience!

Types of Port Parking in Miami

The Port of Miami is a hub of activity, with international cruise liners and cargo vessels coming and going. For those travelling by car, there are different types of parking available, depending on the location, stay duration and car size.

On-site Port Parking: There are lots outside the terminal building where you can park for short-term (up to 3 days) or long-term (up to 30 days). Rates are calculated by the hour or daily, depending on how long you stay.

Off-site Port Parking: Because of the limited spaces at PortMiami, many people opt for off-site parking. This can save time, as you don’t have to worry about finding a metered space close by. Offsite port parking is operated by trusted partners like Park N Fly, and you can get discounted rates if you book ahead or online. Shuttles can take you directly to your cruise liner, saving time on taking public transport or taxis.

Valet Services: Cruise liners offer valet services, but they come with an additional fee. Drivers must have certification for private car hire services within Gulf States waters. Valet services take care of vehicle movement, making sure theft deterrent locks are activated and preflight checks are done. This helps with congestion around the entrance gates, allowing more space for guests checking into their cabins faster.

Tips for Parking at the Port in Miami

Do research: Before you go to the port, check where to park and how much it costs. Check all the lots and pick one that fits you. Pay for off-site parking in advance to get a spot.

Allow extra time: You may have to wait to find parking and pay. Plan when to arrive early, so you don’t get late.

Arrive early: The busiest times at the port are usually when ships arrive and leave. Try to come before the rush hour, to park near the port.

Know your lot: If you decide to park near the port, there are different lots with different fees and packages. Make sure you know what kind of lot you’ll use to save money and move in/out smoothly.

Follow directions: As you drive, look for signs to the lots. They often provide helpful paths to them and help avoid traffic.

Common Questions about Port Parking in Miami

Port parking in Miami can confuse first-time travelers. To help, here are common questions and answers:

  • Q: Where are the garages?
    A: PortMiami and nearby Downtown Miami and Brickell neighborhoods.
  • Q: What is the cost?
    A: $15-$20 per day.
  • Q: Is overnight available?
    A: Yes. Rates from $10 – $45 per night. Check with the garage before arriving.
  • Q: What payment options?
    A: Cash and major credit/debit cards. Confirm payment methods by contacting each garage.


Ultimately, parking in Miami’s ports is a handy way to store your car when you’re gone. Depending on where you are, the duration, and the type of car, various choices exist. All ports provide secure parking and most have 24-hour security so your car is secure. Additionally, many ports offer discounted rates for monthly parking, making it more economical than daily charges.

With a bit of investigating, you can find the perfect parking option for you and your funds:

  • Secure parking
  • 24-hour security
  • Discounted rates for monthly parking

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of port parking in Miami?

A: The cost of port parking in Miami depends on the type of parking lot and duration of stay. Generally, the daily rate for port parking in Miami is $20 per day.

Q: Where can I find port parking in Miami?

A: There are several port parking lots located in Miami. Some popular port parking lots are located at Miami Cruise Port, Port of Miami, and Port Everglades.

Q: Is there a time limit for port parking in Miami?

A: There is no time limit for port parking in Miami. However, you may be subject to additional fees if you exceed the posted time limit for the port parking lot.