Overnight Parking Miami Beach

Overnight Parking Miami Beach – Struggling to park overnight in Miami Beach? You’re not the only one. Restrictions make it difficult to know where you can park. Let us help! We’ll guide you through all the options for overnight parking in Miami Beach. So, you can relax knowing your car is safe.

Overnight Parking Miami Beach

Introduction to Overnight Parking in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is one of the top tourist destinations in Florida. With its beaches, restaurants and attractions, it’s no wonder why! Overnight parking in Miami Beach can be tricky. Regulations may change without notice, so it’s best to know the laws.

On-street parking is prohibited between midnight and 6 AM. This includes meter and non-meter spots, beachfront streets and beachside streets in residential neighborhoods. But there are garages and lots that allow overnight parking for an extra fee.

The City of Miami Beach has three designated areas for overnight RV parking. These are 13th Street, 17th Street and 23rdStreet. Also, Collins Park Garage allows 24/7 parking. Lastly, many private lots in South Beach have long-term parking with reduced rates after 10 PM. Check with local authorities for rules and regulations surrounding roadside sleeping vehicles before settling down for the night.

Rules and Regulations for Overnight Parking in Miami Beach

Parking permits are a must in Miami Beach for certain areas and parking garages. Without a valid permit you could get a citation if your vehicle is parked after the designated hours.

In the city, overnight parking is allowed in public garages. If you park outside a garage or private lot, you need to buy an overnight visitor parking pass on the City of Miami Beach website or at an automated kiosk.

The automated kiosk at Collins Avenue and 86th Street allows you to buy permits for up to eight hours within two days. It costs $4 per hour with tax included. A day pass costs $26. It works with any licensed passenger vehicles on land like cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and campers. For multiple day passes, contact the Parking Department directly at 305-673-7000.

For longer duration needs like monthly stays or special events, contact the Parking Department for more info about available permits and prices. Also, remember that overnight permits can only be used once during the specified time period. Read all signs carefully before you purchase or apply for a permit to make sure you understand any restrictions.

Popular Overnight Parking Locations in Miami Beach

Heading to Miami Beach? Check out these popular spots for overnight parking! You can find parking garages, lots, and street spaces. Note: not all locations are open 24/7.

  • Parking Garages:
    • 17th Street Car Park (Open 24/7)
    • Lummus Park Garage (7 AM – 3 AM)
    • Collins Avenue Parking (Open 24/7)
  • On-Street Parking:
    • Collins Ave & 71st Street (Open ’til 5AM)
    • Rickenbacker Causeway entrances (mostly 24/7, check restrictions)
  • Parking Lots:
    • Flamingo Park Lot (24/7, check restrictions)
    • North Shore Open Space Lot (Regular park hours)

Payment is usually required 8 AM to 6 PM, using PayByPhone. Some zones are subject to tow-away, so read signs carefully before parking overnight.

Cost of Overnight Parking in Miami Beach

Miami-Dade County manages overnight parking in Miami Beach. It varies in cost, depending on the space used. Metered spots typically cost $1 to $3 per hour, up to a max of $40 for 24 hours.

Free overnight spots are limited and must be reserved two weeks in advance. Garages charge an hourly rate of $2-$2.50, with a max daily rate of $6-20.

If you stay past your allowed period, you may get fined or towed away.

Safety Tips for Overnight Parking in Miami Beach

When parking overnight in Miami Beach, safety matters. Road trips or just one night, you can find parking. Yet, take steps to ensure your experience is stress-free and safe.

Here are tips for overnight parking:

  • Research: Before picking a spot, research the area. Read reviews from other travelers or locals. Look for any signs of crime or suspicious activity. Know if overnight parking is legally allowed on public streets.
  • Choose a Secure Spot: Park in a well-lit spot with visibility from passing cars and security cameras. Park away from areas with criminal activity, such as alleyways or abandoned lots. Lock any valuables in the trunk before leaving the vehicle.
  • Set an Alarm/Lock Windows & Doors: Lock all windows and doors before leaving your car overnight. Consider setting an anti-theft system such as an alarm. Public garages may offer night attendants who will patrol the facility throughout the evening. This can add peace of mind when deciding where to leave your car at night.

Alternatives to Overnight Parking in Miami Beach

Visiting or living in Miami Beach can be tricky for car owners. Parking restrictions make it hard to find a spot to leave your vehicle overnight. These regulations are to protect residential neighborhoods, but there are still alternatives. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Union Street Parking Garage – In the heart of Miami Beach. Ample overnight parking. A prepaid electronic permit or printed ticket is required.
  • Lincoln Road Park & Ride – At 17th Street. Offers daily, monthly and 24/7 permits. Prices depend on how long you need the spot.
  • Financial District Garages – Downtown area. Cheap rates for short-term parking. Not always accessible during late hours.
  • Private Lots – Companies offer economical rates and 24/7 access. Apps like SpotHero, ParkMe and BestParking provide discounts up to 50%. Compare prices for the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Overnight Parking in Miami Beach

Are there restrictions and regulations for overnight parking in Miami Beach? Yes! The City of Miami Beach does not allow vehicles to park on city streets or beachfront/public parks between 2am and 6am, every day. Except when a Temporary Reserved Parking Permit issued by the Miami Beach Parking Authority (MBPA) is used.

The MBPA provides four options for those who require overnight parking privileges:

  1. Reserved space designated for overnight guests.
  2. Rental of an approved Visitor Hotel Overnight Parking permit.
  3. Rental of an approved Resident Overnight permit.
  4. Purchase of an Annual Overnight Visitor/Resident permit. These are available on first-come, first-served basis.

Vehicle Identification numbers must be given when applying for any type of Overnight Parking permit. And multiple permits may not be used on different Vehicle Identification numbers.

Any additional questions about Overnight Parking Regulations in Miami Beach can be answered by calling 1-800-MBParking (1-800-627-2754) during Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm EASTERN time.


Summing up, overnight parking rules in Miami Beach depend on your accommodation and the kind of vehicle you wish to park. Look at all signs thoroughly and contact the authorities if you have queries or worries. Be alert and have a great journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where can I park overnight in Miami Beach?

A1: Overnight parking is available in public parking lots at Collins Avenue/41st Street, Collins Avenue/73rd Street, and Collins Avenue/69th Street.

Q2: What are the hours of overnight parking in Miami Beach?

A2: Overnight parking is allowed between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

Q3: Is there a fee for overnight parking in Miami Beach?

A3: Yes, there is a fee for overnight parking in Miami Beach. The rate is $2.00/hour.