Overnight Parking Miami Airport

Overnight Parking Miami Airport – Want to save on airport parking? You’re in luck! Overnighting in Miami International Airport parking lots is an option.

Park Overnight at MIA

MIA, or the Miami International Airport, offers overnight parking for travelers. It’s just minutes away from the terminals! Long-term parking, Express Parking, and mobile options are available. Key to success? Understanding the available options and restrictions.

MIA’s location and 24-hour security make it a great spot for leaving your car. A variety of payment methods are accepted, too. Which option is best for you? It depends on length of stay and budget.

Long-term parking lots are close to 43rd Street and closer to the terminal. Express Parking has shuttles that take you straight to your gate. For added convenience, there are mobile apps with one-click pay-to-park spaces.

Be aware: Additional fees may be charged at peak times, holidays, and airport events. To save, plan ahead and understand all associated costs before making your purchase!

Overview of Miami Airport Overnight Parking

MIA, the Miami International Airport, has parking options for short-term and long-term travels. You’ll have something if you need to drop off or pick up someone. Let’s explore the different parking options!

Overnight parking is available in 3 main lots. Central Garage has 3A and 3B on its lower level with a rate of $19/day, minimum fee of $8 for 8 hours. Short-term Lot 5 has the lowest rate at $11/day, rates may vary. For long-term parking, rates start from $5/day. Valet services for drop off and pick up are located at Lots 1C or 2C. They are open 24 hours and the fee is $20/day.

Covered garages in Lots 4A/4B have 24 Hour Pay Station Areas that accept cash and credit cards. Rates range from $7 to $35/day. Economy Lot 6 provides economical parking in open surfaced lot #6, priced at $7/day until midnight then it’s free until 5 am. It resumes at $7/day after 12 noon. Covered shuttle services are available throughout these lots every 10 minutes during operating hours.

Advantages of Overnight Parking at Miami Airport

Overnight parking in Miami Airport is a great option for travelers. It’s convenient, affordable, and secure. You get your car ready to go quickly when you arrive. Plus, there’s 24-hour customer service. And the car will be safe in the guarded lot.

Choose from covered or uncovered lots. Or try valet services. Look for special rates and discounts. Get car washing and maintenance options. Plus, 24/7 camera surveillance and patrol protection. So you can relax knowing your vehicle’s safe.

Disadvantages of Overnight Parking at Miami Airport

Overnight parking at Miami Airport may be convenient. But, there are some drawbacks to consider:

  • Airport parking is not free, and extra fees apply for overnighting.
  • Security is lacking, leaving your car vulnerable to theft or damage.
  • The airport is remote, and help may not be readily available if you have an issue with your car at night.
  • If there’s a flight delay or cancellation and you return late evening or early morning, credit card payments may not be accepted after a certain hour and you could incur more costs.
  • Additionally, severe weather such as heavy snowfall or hurricanes can cause road closures and long delays in getting your car.

So, think carefully about the pros and cons of this option before deciding to park overnight at Miami Airport.

Cost of Overnight Parking at Miami Airport

If you’re in Miami, FL and need somewhere to park your car, the Miami International Airport is an accessible and affordable choice. Overnight parking is $18 per night. If you leave your car there for more than 5 nights, it’s just a flat rate of $90. This applies to on-site parking lots and garages.

Plus, there are packages at discounted rates for longer stays. For example,

  • 7 days costs $60,
  • 14 days costs $120,
  • and 28 days costs $240.

So if you’re staying a while and don’t need your car, this could be a great money-saver!

To make sure you’ve got a spot when you come or go, book your spot in advance. You can do it online or by calling 305-876-7275. You can also reserve special spots, like Valet Parking or Oversized Vehicle Parking. Look into all your options for the best experience when looking for overnight parking at Miami International Airport!

Tips for Finding the Best Overnight Parking at Miami Airport

Millions of travelers flock to Miami Airport every year. Overnight parking options are available. Factors such as location, rate and convenience must be considered. Here’s how to pick the best option:

  • Compare Rates: Before arriving, compare the lots’ rates and features. Note the distance from your terminal and any extra fees.
  • Read Reviews: Social media accounts or customer reviews can help you make an informed decision.
  • Reserve Ahead: Booking early online can get you a great rate or deal. Most lots have apps or websites for this.
  • Pay Attention to Hours: Track opening/closing times to avoid costly late fees or prolonged storage charges. Doing this can save money, too.

Alternatives to Overnight Parking at Miami Airport

Miami Airport has short- and long-term parking for travelers. But, overnight parking can be difficult to get. There are other choices, though.

Offsite airport parking lots in nearby areas could be a solution. Some hotels provide valet services too. Plus, car-washing, refueling and maintenance can be part of the package. Pre-bookings and discounts may be available.

Self-storage facilities in the area may also be an option. Cars, motorcycles and other equipment can be stored securely and affordably. Hours are usually 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Do your research for the best fit near Miami Airport.


Finally, parking overnight in Miami Airport can be an affordable and convenient solution when you’re travelling. Depending on how long you stay, there are many options to choose from. All long-term parking lots have 24/7 security monitoring and facility access from morning to night. Plus, the lots are close to the terminals for easy access.

You can save money on fees by researching prices beforehand and signing up for PAKS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is overnight parking allowed at the Miami airport?

A: Yes, overnight parking is allowed at the Miami International Airport.

Q: How much does it cost to park overnight at the Miami airport?

A: The cost for overnight parking at the Miami International Airport is $17.00 per day.

Q: Where can I find more information about overnight parking at the Miami airport?

A: For more information about overnight parking at the Miami International Airport, please visit their website at https://www.miami-airport.com/airport-parking.asp