Miami Beach Nightclubs

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Miami Beach Nightclubs

Address: 1508 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 399-7764

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Did you know that Miami Beach Nightclubs rates 3/5 based on 3 total ratings?

Reviews for Miami Beach Nightclubs
Breeze TagsBreeze Tags


4 months ago

I found out about Miami Beach nightclubs when one of my friends invited me to come with him. He said that the party was going to be fantastic, and that he had never seen anything like it before. I trusted him, and I went with him. When we got there, I saw what he meant. The party was enormous! There were beautiful women everywhere; the drinks were flowing; everyone was dancing and having a great time. The music was amazing, and the DJ was awesome – he kept us entertained all night long. It was an incredible experience, probably the best club I have ever been to, and I know that everyone who goes there has the same opinion. They put together a fantastic nightlife event for all who attend!

chris clementchris clement


9 months ago

Buyer beware! Owners of party, Tevin and Adam are con artists. They will not refund you if they overbook the party and are rude and unprofessional… there’s a reason they have 2 diff sites, answer the phones and give fake names and only accept cash (no debit or credit cards, cashapp or zelle) there’s also a reason there are no real reviews listed here.. and only a couple reviews that have nothing to do with yacht parties. You have been warned!!

Andy CruzAndy Cruz


4 years ago

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Mynt Lounge

Address: 1921 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 532-0727

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Did you know that Mynt Lounge rates 3.5/5 based on 167 total ratings?

Reviews for Mynt Lounge
Kāne WaialikiKāne Waialiki


a month ago

Place used to be the place to be. I came back recently and times have changed. Yes it is still fun and the people are there. Make sure you bring your money. This place gets expensive. I will be giving them another shot. Staff wasnt overly friendly but again we shall see when I head back with my group. I will say you have to get a table otherwise whats the point?

William PetersenWilliam Petersen


3 months ago

Definitely get a table because it gets crowded. Jessica who helped me book the table was super nice and helpful. Music was decent. Prices for bottles weren’t terrible considering it’s Miami. I like the vibe and layout of the venue



4 months ago

My group of 5 spent 2 hours and about $1,500 on drinks here. Then I stepped outside for a phone call. When I tried to come back in, they were trying to charge me a $40 cover. My group came over to the front and explained that I was already inside and showed them pictures and videos from earlier that night INSIDE and proved that we’ve been spending money. Listen, I understand the staff didn’t see me inside, but after my group came, explained the situation, and showed them videos and receipts, this shouldn’t have been a problem. The employees at the front refused to allow me back in. We told them that we would just leave, spend our money elsewhere, and leave a bad review, and they said they didn’t care and told us to leave. The chick even said “it’s only $40” as if my problem is the money, when each round of drinks was $300-$400. It’s about the principle of trying to take another $40 after knowing it wasn’t right. There are plenty of places nearby that treat their customers better. The music and the bartenders were great, but the staff at the front ruined it for me. P.S.: Avoid drinks containing the sour mix, unless you want to get a hole in your stomach.

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Ora Nightclub

Address: 2000 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 912-1010

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Did you know that Ora Nightclub rates 3.3/5 based on 86 total ratings?

Reviews for Ora Nightclub
Megan McKeeMegan McKee


4 years ago

Fantastic night out! Lighting and room design is just beautiful. Live music with a DJ, drums, & incredible saxophone player kept the energy bumping. Apache was top notch security for our table! – even escorted the ladies to the bathroom through a packed crowd! Absolutely will party there again 🙌🎉

Amanda DoolinAmanda Doolin


3 years ago

Waited so long in line when there weren’t even that many people in front of us, the bouncer was just letting people in if it was a group of girls or they paid the right price. After finally getting in, the place was nice. I liked that there was an additional room that opened up at 130 am with a completely different ambiance. Ample room to dance and the music was good. I’d recommend checking this place out if in Miami.



4 years ago

Visited Labor Day weekend with my wife. Reserved a table with bottle service. Found everyone at the club to be very nice and professional. Our host Burton and server Jenna were great. Look forward to going back. Very nice upbeat and clean club.

Sobe Nightlife Miami Nightclubs And Boat Parties

Address: 1508 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 570-9015

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Did you know that Sobe Nightlife Miami Nightclubs And Boat Parties rates 4.3/5 based on 35 total ratings?

Reviews for Sobe Nightlife Miami Nightclubs And Boat Parties
Cheryl WineyCheryl Winey


7 months ago

I would have given this event zero stars if I could have. One of the most important expenses of a party is YOUR DJ!!!! Spend money on a good DJ! The DJ that was contracted for our event on 7/16/2021 should never be contracted again. This would have been a great event had the DJ been either more experienced or at least have listened to his crowd. We couldn’t get into the groove of a song because he would only play at most 30 seconds of each song. It was the most frustrating situation. A lady in our group approached DJ DIVERSITY and asked him to let the songs play. His response “it’s a NO for me.” 😑 we paid $120 per person for this event and we were highly disappointed especially since we were STUCK on that boat for nearly 3 hours. The “unlimited drinks” were aweful. When you consider what the per person rate is and the amount of people on that boat…we should have been served more than mediocre drinks and double sliced pizza 😑 Suggestion: splurge on your DJ; improve the drinks offered, cater the event *The reservation was under Craven. Our group paid $600 (5 @ $120 each)

Haley WatkinsHaley Watkins


5 months ago

Fun yet sketchy. So you pay a deposit online then you text the number, the number then explains what to do. We went to this mall had to find the secret spot to meet with the people. They checked our id and we had to pay the remaining balance in cash. When we were getting ready to load the boat we had to break out into 2 groups: guys and girls. Well the girls get patted down then they tell us to load the boat. I informed one of the security people that was going to wait for my husband and he said no get on the boat. Finally my husband is on. They say it is a 3 level night club. It’s not!! Yes the boat has 3 levels. The 1st had tables and chairs and a bathroom. The 2nd had the dj and a semi decent dance floor. Then the 3rd level no one was allowed on it unless you requested bottle services. (Didn’t know that was an option) the dj did play songs for like 30 seconds and then changed songs. By the end of the night he was playing songs we didn’t know. The drinks were very strong! Which was great. The “light snacks” was 3 pizzas that lasted 30 seconds and staff got first dibs on. Overall it wasn’t awful, but I wouldn’t do it again.

Mila-Rose ThompsonMila-Rose Thompson


9 months ago

It’s the most popular bar in our city; there have been a lot of visitors here to our place. They offer affordable drinks and have fun for you throughout the rest of the night.

VIP South Beach Nightlife Packages & Boat Parties

Address: 1521 Alton Rd Suite 769, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 804-5071

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Longitude: -80.1408199

Did you know that VIP South Beach Nightlife Packages & Boat Parties rates 4.4/5 based on 30 total ratings?

Reviews for VIP South Beach Nightlife Packages & Boat Parties
Marinella LipinskiMarinella Lipinski


7 months ago

Thank you so much Jeff! My girlfriends and I loved the boat party package and had a fantastic time! Will definitely recommend your services to all my friends.

kenneth batistekenneth batiste


7 months ago

People get on this party boat it’s awesome

Paulina GolemoPaulina Golemo


9 months ago

We booked the Saturday party package for a bachelorette event and on a Friday night, we get a text/call saying that the party is cancelled due to some corporate event, which we thought was a complete made up excuse. It ruined our plans for the rest of the weekend. We did however reschedule for the next day since we were already in Miami. It was supposed to be a 3 hour event from 5pm to 8pm.The boat did not leave the dock until around 5.30pm and was back at about 7.45pm, so this is more like a 2.5 hour event, not 3 like advertised. Even though the crowd was (somehow) mixed, they only played one type of music for almost the entire duration of the event. Not everybody likes the same type of music so they could at least acknowledge that and play a mix. One other thing, I was told by the bartender that a certain type of beer was not served, where a couple of minutes later I saw the DJ drinking the exact type which I was told they weren’t serving. I did approach the bartender and asked for the same thing again and was served it this time around. I thought this was very shady. Probably would not book again if given a choice.

Photo Courtesy of: Rockwell Miami

Rockwell Miami

Address: 743 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 793-3882

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Latitude: 25.7779064

Longitude: -80.1332639

Did you know that Rockwell Miami rates 3.1/5 based on 211 total ratings?

Reviews for Rockwell Miami
Ryan HendersonRyan Henderson


5 months ago

Nice place and good vibes.A+. But if anyone is interested in getting quality tattoos check out my Ig: @Narcos__Ink & YouTube Chanel: @MiamiTatt2Artist

Melissa PethMelissa Peth


11 months ago

In the summer of 2017 my 2 friends and I were roofied at Rockwell by a promoter. Immediately when we arrived he let us skip the line and took us to a bottle service section, where he sat us with another large group of females. He then brought everyone shots. All three of us do not remember anything after that, we were separated, ended up in sketchy areas, etc.

Lorrena LapougeLorrena Lapouge


2 years ago

It’s a fun place to go to and the Dj’s are good 🙂 drinks are a bit too expensive tho!

Elite Miami nightlife Ent – Party Boat & Nightclub Packages

Address: 542 Euclid Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 458-3795

Visit the Elite Miami nightlife Ent – Party Boat & Nightclub Packages Website

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Did you know that Elite Miami nightlife Ent – Party Boat & Nightclub Packages rates 3.5/5 based on 26 total ratings?

Reviews for Elite Miami nightlife Ent – Party Boat & Nightclub Packages
Ryan HendersonRyan Henderson


5 months ago

Great place and good customer service. Good vibes. A+. But if anyone is interested in getting quality tattoos check out my Ig: @Narcos__ink & YouTube Chanel: @MiamiTatt2Artist

Nicole MiguezNicole Miguez


a year ago

Me and my girls came out to miami for this boat party and had a amazing. Can’t wait to come back. Thanks Henry for taking care of us!!!

Odel HernandezOdel Hernandez


2 years ago

It’s difficult to find a honest, straightforward promoter who’s trying to get you to have a GREAT TIME in Miami. Henry took me to a club with my friends and he got the one of the best tables for us, he was focused on giving us a great customer service, hanging out with us, making sure drinks were up to part with the money we were paying. Next day after that crazy night we hire him again to go to the boat party and that was the best day we’d had in Miami. Boat was awesome, booze, girls, everyone was ready to party in that s**t. I hope you find this helpful because is hard to get a good promoter in Miami. Henry thank you so much man see you next year!!

Photo Courtesy of: VOODOO LOUNGE


Address: 928 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 206-6404

Visit the VOODOO LOUNGE Website

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Latitude: 25.779741

Longitude: -80.1309798

Did you know that VOODOO LOUNGE rates 4.3/5 based on 1323 total ratings?

Marischka TuckerMarischka Tucker


3 months ago

Voodoo is my one of my spots to stop by when I’m visiting South beach it’s a cool hip hop club has good hookah, nice staff and rooftop view is everything… A girl by the name of Mada served me drinks and I was so satisfied she’s amazing love her personality… will visit again…

Tashawn SimkinsTashawn Simkins


3 months ago

Heard from a friend of mine to check this place out. Located on Ocean Drive. It was kind of hard to find but walked around a little and explored the area to come find this place called Voodoo. Had the best night with my girlfriend. We walked upstairs and checked out the rooftop then went back downstairs to the first floor. Was welcomed by this bartender name is Mada. Great energy and outgoing personality. She got us hookahs, a few drinks spent time to make sure we were taken care of. She really made us feel at home. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice kick back. Great music.

Patience OutlandPatience Outland


a month ago

The atmosphere here was very nice. It was quick to get in and the vibe was really nice. We chilled on the rooftop and Jane was our server. She was super attentive and made sure all our questions were answered and she kept coming back to check on us. The DJ was playing a great mix. It was my first time in Miami Beach and they really made it a great experience.

Photo Courtesy of: Natalia Molchanova

Wall Lounge

Address: 2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 938-3130

Visit the Wall Lounge Website

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Latitude: 25.7977622

Longitude: -80.1271588

Did you know that Wall Lounge rates 4.1/5 based on 324 total ratings?

Reviews for Wall Lounge


2 months ago

Nice club, good atmosphere but drinks are served in small quantities and way too expensive. PS: Bouncers act like they own the club. Had pre-sale tickets for 50 dollars but were looked at very skeptically by the bouncer.

Shopbox GuruShopbox Guru


6 months ago

Updated with great amenities. Stayed here for over a week and I loved gym and pool. It is ocean front and close to so many dining options.

Tatiana BladesTatiana Blades


2 years ago

Great place to go in the Miami scene. Best known for it’s house and hip hop parties. You can have fun but the space of the location will be a factor if you don’t have a table. The small space gets overloaded with people making it difficult to walk let alone dance or have a drink without being shoved over. I suppose that’s what most clubs are but if you’re into personal space and a little more options just be aware that wont be this experience.

Photo Courtesy of: Do Not Sit On The Furniture

Do Not Sit On The Furniture

Address: 423 16th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (510) 551-5067

Visit the Do Not Sit On The Furniture Website

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Latitude: 25.7893185

Longitude: -80.1322955

Did you know that Do Not Sit On The Furniture rates 4/5 based on 227 total ratings?

Reviews for Do Not Sit On The Furniture


a month ago

Wow!!. What a GEM! Beautiful hidden underground nightclub with the best music in town. Beautiful people, beautiful staff. If you are in Miami you should definitely touch down here. Me and my friends had a blast! Do Not Sit is a MUST!

Thierry WattersThierry Watters


2 weeks ago

Wonderful lineup. Great crowd and surprisingly friendly staff. I really love the outdoor area, it has a bar, seating and a couple interesting vendors. Recommended!

Nitin SinghNitin Singh


2 months ago

If only I can give it anything less than this, I would. This place has zero aura for asking 50 dollars per person for entry. The service and people out at the door are not at all trained in hospitality services. So many better places in Miami then this.

Photo Courtesy of: Edouard Saint Pierre


Address: 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Main Phone: (305) 479-4426

Visit the STORY Website

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Latitude: 25.7705528

Longitude: -80.1340421

Did you know that STORY rates 3.1/5 based on 717 total ratings?

Reviews for STORY


4 weeks ago

A lot of bad reviews which is very surprising. This is by far one of the best clubs in Miami. Best sounds system I ever experienced and I’ve been to A LOT of clubs. The club is designed in a way that you can circle around the front row very easily. What I also like about it is that if you are at the front row you can easily use the side stairs to go to the bar or the bathrooms. The bar area is huge. You can see the DJ closely very easily. I’ve been to story countless times and I will always go back

Matias MolinaMatias Molina


a month ago

This place by far is the best club in south beach, the music, lights, people, energy, and drinks. They have it all x100. Staff was super amazing and helpful, my server was the best I could hope for. She gave me ideas on the type of bottles they have and what she recommended because I’ll be honest I never really know what to drink specially when I got 15 people with me. Security was amazing, helped out my friends personally to the bathroom and back, made sure nothing was done to them or our table. Table service was great, the bussers/server assistants were one of the best. Table is always as clean as possible, like if we walked in for the first time. Responds fast when ask for different little things, like juices, straws, cups being refilled. Overall I had a beautiful experience and I been to a bunch of places in the states, I could easily say that Story Miami brings out something in you that you might not get in other places. I truly recommend this place if you want to have a crazy night in Miami. Tickets are pretty cheap considering everything is there to offer in Miami.

Zamiya AponteZamiya Aponte


a month ago

I came out to the club looking to have a good time. Got more then I expected. My waitress Alisha was the best server. She and another women were constant and very professional the whole night. I will definitely be back and ONLY recommend Alisha. Thanks