Flamingo Parking Miami Airport

Tired of scrambling for a dependable parking space at Miami Airport? No need to stress! This article will assist you in discovering a Flamingo parking area in no time. Have a worry-free trip with simple and safe airport parking just a few taps away!

Introduction to Flamingo Parking Miami Airport

Flamingo Parking Miami Airport is the perfect option for travelers! Located 3 miles away from the Miami International Airport, we offer 24-hour secure parking. With our online reservation system and knowledgeable staff, customers can rest assured that their car will be safe.

We have plenty of spaces for all sorts of vehicles – both indoor and outdoor, as well as special promotions. Our security features include a fenced-in area with 24-hour surveillance, daily police patrols, and key fob entry systems. We understand the importance of peace of mind for our customers, and make sure their vehicles are well taken care of while they’re away!

Location and Accessibility of Flamingo Parking

Flamingo Parking is the ideal parking spot for travelers departing from Miami airport. It’s 2.2 miles away and close to major attractions. You can pre-book or pay at the lot with credit/cash. Short/long-term stays are offered, with discounted rates for long-term. There’s an electric charging station and car cleaning if you need it. 24/7 security personnel provide safety and assistance. Flamingo Parking makes traveling stress-free and cost-effective!

Rates and Payment Options

Flamingo Parking at Miami Airport offers easy and safe parking for passengers taking off from Miami International Airport. Customers can pick from the short term or long term lot with a budget-friendly rate. The daily and weekly fees are based on how long the car is parked and the payment options are flexible for everyone.

  • Short Term Lot:
    • Max daily rate: $20
    • Max weekly rate: $120
    • Hourly: $3 per hour
    • Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Travelers’ Checks
  • Long Term Lot:
    • First 24 hours: $14
    • Next days (24 hours): $8
    • Max weekly rate: $60
    • Payment Options: All Major Credit Cards, Cash

Services and Amenities

Flamingo Parking Miami Airport: secure, affordable parking with all the extras! Minutes away from MIA, our facility offers complimentary shuttle service, climate-controlled indoors and out, and valet parking. We are monitored 24/7 by staff to ensure a worry-free experience. Plus, tons of added amenities and services:

  • Short-term & long-term storage
  • Recharging stations for electric cars
  • Luggage assistance
  • Handicap accessible spaces
  • Vacuuming, tire inflation & repair (upon request)
  • Car wash (upon request)

We are close to all the major transportation links for a stress-free stay! Flamingo Parking provides the best service in town.

Safety and Security

At Flamingo Parking Miami Airport, we prioritize security and safety. 24/7 surveillance cameras monitor our parking lot. Trained security staff keeps an eye on activity. Plus, a fully-enclosed fence with motion-sensor tech prevents unauthorized access after hours.

All vehicles enter the secure storage area. They stay in our possession until you buy their return. Plus, a car valet service is available for customers who need extra help. Every customer receives a personal digital code for entry. This code only works during your reservation.

Safety and security are always top priorities at Flamingo Parking Miami Airport.

Customer Reviews

Finding reliable and secure airport parking is important. Folks look for customer reviews when they consider their options. At Flamingo Parking Miami Airport, we work hard to make the customer experience easy and enjoyable. Our team has earned a good reputation for quality service.

Alice said, “I recently used Flamingo Parking Miami Airport for a trip to Chicago. It was simple and fast. The staff was friendly and my car was comfortable. I would use it again!

Ben commented, “This garage is great value for money. You get quick service and peace of mind that your car is safe while you’re away.

John shared, “I’ve been using Flamingo Parking Miami Airport for years. The staff make it a breeze – from reservations to payment. Highly recommend!

Tips for an Easy Parking Experience

Parking at Miami International Airport can be very taxing. To make it easier, here are some tips! There are 3 main options: hourly garages and lots, Economy Lot A and Lot 6.

  • Garages A1-A4 and C are suitable for short (30 min) and long-term stays.
  • Economy Lot A is for short-term only (1 hour max).
  • Lot 6 is for long-term only and rates depend on your length of stay – max of $30 for 24 hours.

Make sure you know which areas require payment and how to pay – kiosk/meter, parking booth attendant, exit ramp machine (garage only), cashier counter at MIA or online/app. Payment must be done by listed times – even if you’ve paid in advance. Check for discounts before leaving – they only apply if requested before leaving.

Follow these tips and your Flamingo Parking Miami Airport experience will be a breeze!


Flamingo Parking at Miami Airport can help you save time and money! Our parking lot is secure and convenient – access is easy, and our customer service agents are on-hand for hassle-free pick up and drop off. No matter your journey length, we’ve got a parking option that fits your needs.

So, if you’re flying out of Miami International Airport, choose Flamingo Parking for the ultimate convenient and affordable parking solution!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where can I find information on Flamingo Parking at Miami Airport?

A1: You can find information on Flamingo Parking at Miami Airport on their website, https://flamingoparking.com/.

Q2: How much does it cost to park at Flamingo Parking?

A2: The cost to park at Flamingo Parking is $2.50 per hour or $18 per day.

Q3: What services does Flamingo Parking offer?

A3: Flamingo Parking offers services such as valet parking, self-parking, and shuttle services to and from Miami Airport.