Fifth and Alton Miami Beach Public Parking

Are you tired of circling the block, hunting for a parking spot at Fifth & Alton in Miami Beach? You’re in luck! Now, with the recently opened Fifth & Alton public parking garage, finding convenient and affordable parking has never been easier!

Introduction to Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking

Welcome to Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking. Our facilities offer convenient, affordable parking options in the heart of South Beach. We are conveniently located at 837 5th Street, within a short distance of some of the finest shopping, dining and entertainment destinations in Miami Beach. Our family-friendly lots provide an array of secure options that accommodate all needs and budgets—from daily to long-term parking. Whether you’re here for vacation or live nearby, our easy-to-locate lots are sure to have a solution that meets your needs.

When you choose Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking, you can count on clean facilities that are monitored 24/7 by our team of friendly lot attendants and security guards, who prioritize customer comfort and security above all else. We use only the latest high-security technology for gate and ticketing systems, as well as cashless payment capabilities. Plus, with our diverse range of onsite services including electric car charging stations, valet service and oversized vehicle parking options, we make it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your day out in South Beach.

At Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking we strive to make your experience stress-free from start to finish—so leave the hassle at home! We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Overview of Location and Amenities

Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking is conveniently located in the heart of South Beach, close to premier restaurants, shopping, attractions and more. The public parking facility offers one of the best public parking experiences in Miami-Dade County. With its wide range of amenities available for both short- and long-term customers, Fifth & Alton is a trusted source for secure and affordable parking.

At Fifth & Alton Public Parking there are 780 total spaces available to accommodate any size vehicle, including cars, SUVs, vans and motorcycles. Downstairs, customers can enjoy access to 18 conveniently located electric vehicle charging ports, ensuring that your car is powered up and ready for your next adventure. Additionally, the facility offers an onsite car wash with a variety of services designed to keep your vehicle looking clean and running smoothly. You’ll also find complimentary Wi-Fi access points throughout the building to help you stay connected while you’re away from home or office.

For those who feel unsafe while walking alone during late hours or in dark areas of South Beach’s streets and alleys at night, our security guards are on duty 24/7 making sure each customer feels safe during their stay at Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking. Furthermore, we employ advanced video surveillance within the facility with cameras placed every few feet to guarantee enhanced security measures for all visitors

Benefits of Parking at Fifth & Alton

Parking at Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking provides visitors with a variety of benefits. The convenient downtown location is surrounded by world-renowned attractions such as South Beach, the Art Deco District, and the American Airlines Arena, making it easy to get around the city on foot. Additionally, those who choose to use Fifth & Alton for their parking needs will have access to premium parking facilities that include valet services, electricity recharging stations for vehicles, check-in assistance and a complimentary self-parking service. Moreover, customers may enjoy discounts when they park at Fifth & Alton which can be accessed through mobile applications or website loyalty programs. Furthermore specific public shuttle services are provided year round at certain times of the day directly from Fifth & Alton’s premises to popular destinations such as Miami International Airport. Finally, dedicated support services such as car care and maintenance can also be arranged should customers require them.

How to Access Fifth & Alton Parking

Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking Garage is conveniently located in the heart of South Beach, providing commuters and visitors with easy access to retail stores, restaurants, and attractions. The garage provides easy entry and exit points from both 5th Street and Alton Road. To access parking at Fifth & Alton, a valid parking permit or daily pass is required for all customers.

The facility offers various options for payment to make your parking experience as simple as possible. Customers may pay for parking through the ParkMobile app for registered accounts, cash upon exit, monthly permittees at the gate attendant’s booth (located on the first level) or through online transactions using major credit cards.

All guests are subject to verification at any time while parked in this facility and may be asked to show valid identification when entering or leaving. Commuters can also enjoy added safety features such as 24/7 automated lighting throughout all levels of the garage. To ensure safe travel within and outside of the facility after dark hours, complimentary shuttle services are available between 7pm-11pm daily (subject to availability).

For more information about Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking Garage rules and regulations or assistance with accessing our secure facility please contact our customer service team from 8am-6pm daily or visit our website online https://wwwfithandaltonparkingmiamibeachcom/.

Rates and Payment Options

Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking offers several parking options for short-term and long-term use. All rates are subject to change without notice and must be paid in full at time of entry unless otherwise arranged.

Short-Term Parking:
For stays under 3 hours, a flat fee of $10 will be charged. For stays over 3 hours, the charge is $3 per hour with a maximum daily price of $30.

Long-Term Parking:
For stays longer than 24 hours, daily and monthly passes are available as follows:
Daily Pass: The daily pass allows up to 24 hours of parking for $25 per day.
Monthly Pass: The monthly pass allows up to 30 days of parking for $150 per month. This can be renewed on or before the last day for an additional month at the same rate.
The monthly pass also entitles customers to two free weeks of parking in any single twelve-month period upon request from an attendant at the parking facility office during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm).

Payment Options:
Fifth & Alton Miami Beach Public Parking accepts all major credit cards as well as cash or check payments made payable to Fifth & Alton Public Parking LLC, which must be paid in full upon entry into the facility and accepted by an attendant on duty when applicable.

Additional Services

Visitors to Fifth & Alton Miami Beach can take advantage of a variety of additional services offered by the public parking facility. These services include valet parking, car detailing and extra-wide spots for larger vehicles. Valet parking allows visitors to drop off their cars for a fee without having to leave the premises. Car detailing includes window washing and vacuuming, as well as shampooing carpets and floor mats. And extra-wide spots provide just enough room for people with larger vehicles, including RVs and buses.

The Fifth & Alton Parking garage also offers specific designated areas for buses like electric charging stations, free additional parking passes, discounted monthly passes and priority space reservations. Special rules apply to these additional services including payment policies, so it’s always important to clarify details with the attendant before using any of these additional services.

Tips for Parking at Fifth & Alton

Parking at Fifth & Alton in Miami Beach is integrated into the city’s public transportation network, providing convenient access for commuters and visitors alike. Before making your way to the facility, here are some helpful tips to make your parking experience more hassle-free:

  1. Be aware of traffic restrictions and parking regulations. Parking hours on weekdays and weekends vary, so it is important to check posted signs before attempting to park in areas with time limits.
  2. Take note of surrounding parking garages. Multi-level garages located within a block or two of 5th & Alton offer an alternative option for those who have difficulty finding a spot in this area.
  3. Utilize street meter or pay stations for the most economical options if you plan to stay longer than 2 hours. Depending on the duration ofConclusion
    The instructions provided in this guide will ensure that parkers have the easiest time parking in and around Fifth & Alton Miami Beach. From navigating app-based payment systems to learning when to avoid parking restrictions, the information presented here can help improve your total parking experience. And remember, when you use any public parking lot, please take note of the posted sign rules so that you can be respectful of other drivers.

The Fifth & Alton Miami Beach area offers a variety of public parking options for both parkers on a schedule or those looking for shorter visits. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, this guide aims to provide all necessary information to help make your experience efficient and safe.