Daily Parking Miami Airport

Heading to Miami Airport? Searching for the best parking solution? Don’t worry! This article has the information you need. Choose a safe and comfy daily parking spot at the airport with ease. Discover the right option without any hassle or stress.

Introduction to Daily Parking Miami Airport

MIA (Miami International Airport) has lots of easy and low-cost parking choices. Pick from over three parking solutions – all tailored to travelers’ needs – for a hassle-free experience.

  • Daily Parking in the Blue and Orange Lots cost just $17 per day. This puts you close to the terminal.
  • If you’re keeping your car on the premises for over 14 days, Economy Parking Lot garages P1-P4 are offered at a discounted daily rate.
  • Priority Parking is also available – just pay a little more per day.

You can also take advantage of the free shuttle service from the Blue and Orange Lots, straight to your terminal gate. For those with disability permits or veteran status placards, there are complimentary designated spots – subject to availability.

MIA provides real-time flight info online, so you’ll know if there are any delays or gate changes before you arrive. Whatever length of time you need to park at MIA, it’s got the perfect option for you!

Benefits of Daily Parking Miami Airport

Daily parking at Miami International Airport offers great benefits. It’s tailored to those who need parking for a short time, with rates starting at $5 per hour. You can come and go in 24 hours.

  • The lot is close to the terminal, great for last-minute trips or running late.
  • It’s designed for travelers with improved lighting and traffic flow, plus shuttle buses from the lot to the terminal.
  • Security cameras watch the lot 24/7 for added security.

Parking Rates and Fees

Parking Rates and Fees at Miami Airport vary. It offers Short Term, Long Term, Economy, and Valet Services.

  • Short Term Parking is for stays under two hours. Fees are charged per 30 minutes after the first two hours, at a rate of $3. Maximum daily fee is $30.
  • Long Term Parking is best for more than three hours. A flat daily fee of $17 for regular self-parking or $23 for valet. Economy lots offer discounts for longer stays – up to seven days for $52 or 14 days for $79. Park-N-Go program offers discounts for online reservations beyond 14 days.
  • Valet Services save time. Drop off and pick up areas are near ticket counters. Complimentary newspaper, jacket/umbrella services, and luggage assistance within the vehicle are included. Baggage claim delivery to rental car counters available on request. Flat daily rate starting from $23. Discounts available when reservation is made online.

Directions and Map of Parking Lots

At Miami International Airport, you can find lots of options for parking. There are seven lots and three garages, with more than 10,000 public parking spots near the terminals. The airport also provides Valet Parking and Reserved Business Parking.

To access the lots, go to NW 22nd Street (south of NW 28th Street), 1/4 north of NW 25th Street at Le Jeune Road, or NW 48th Street (transit route 150) between Le Jeune Road and NW 25th Street. You can find an interactive map on their website.

If you want a discount, use the pay-on-foot stations near the garage entrances/exits. After checkout, Valet customers must return the keys to attendants in the parking facility, or follow the instructions posted on valet signs. That way, you won’t have to pay extra fees.

How to Reserve a Spot

At Miami International Airport, travelers have the option to book parking in advance. Short-term spots are available at the Dolphin Garage, Flamingo Garage, and Economy Parking Lot E. Whereas long-term stays are exclusively offered in Lot E.

To reserve a space, these steps must be taken 24 hours before arriving:

  1. Go onto the MIA website and click “Parking + Transportation“.
  2. Select either “Short-Term” or “Long Term” parking.
  3. Enter travel dates and times to see available spots & rates.
  4. Pick a spot for a duration of 1 day up to 7 days and pay online.
  5. Bring the printed confirmation page and valid ID to the security kiosk when you arrive.

Security Measures

Miami International Airport takes a thorough approach to security. Depending on the parking lot you choose, various security features may be there. Security staff is available 24/7 in certain lots. Cameras observe activity in the area and alert the authorities if something suspicious is seen. Some lots have automatic gates with a controlled entry system at the entrance and exit. They also use encryption-protected license plate recognition technology that triggers alarms if certain vehicles enter or leave without permission.

If you have questions about security at any of the Airport facilities, contact their customer service.

Tips for Hassle-Free Parking

Air travelers can save time and effort by following these easy tips for hassle-free parking at Miami International Airport (MIA):

  • Check MIA’s website for any construction or road detours before you travel.
  • Reserve a parking spot in advance to save time and maybe get a discount.
  • Give yourself extra time to park and get through security.
  • Consider taking a shuttle bus if running late.
  • Be prepared for fees so you don’t get surprised later.

Make your next MIA trip stress-free with these smart parking tips!


When deciding which parking lot to choose at Miami International Airport, think about the length of your journey, your individual tastes, and the choices available. Based on these factors, you can select daily parking that will work for you and be practical and inexpensive.

By opting for a secure and convenient daily parking lot, you can rest assured knowing your car will be safe while you’re away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where can I find parking at the Miami Airport?

A1: Short-term and long-term parking is available at the Miami Airport. The Miami-Dade Aviation Department’s website provides information on daily, hourly and economy parking.

Q2: How much does daily parking cost at the Miami Airport?

A2: The cost for daily parking at the Miami Airport is $17 for up to 24 hours.

Q3: Are there any discounts available for daily parking at the Miami Airport?

A3: Yes, discounts are available for daily parking at the Miami Airport. The Miami-Dade Aviation Department’s website provides information on discounts for military personnel, seniors and disabled persons.