Salsa Clubs In South Beach Miami

Salsa Clubs In South Beach Miami – Miami is known as a city where people come to party, and there’s no better place to dance the night away than at a salsa club. If you’re looking for some great music and a good time, here are five of my favorite salsa clubs in South Beach:

Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain is a small club, but it has a great vibe. The best part about this club is the dance floor, which is pretty big and open. You can dance with your friends here and do some salsa dancing. The drinks here are also reasonably priced, so you won’t have to worry about going broke while having fun!

Hoy Como Ayer

Hoy Como Ayer is a fantastic salsa club with an amazing atmosphere. Located in the heart of South Beach, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get their salsa on while experiencing all that Miami has to offer.

The club offers lessons and classes before the party starts at 11PM every night! If you want to learn some basic steps and dance moves before heading out onto the floor, this is definitely the place for you!

After class, there’s free parking until 1AM (and free valet)! If you have trouble finding street parking around 11:30PM when everyone leaves work and heads over there, then taking advantage of this option might be worth your time. Keep in mind that if it rains, valet service won’t be available so plan ahead!

This venue can get busy on weekends so make sure that you call ahead before making plans with friends because seating can get tight once inside but don’t let that discourage you from going–just go early! The earlier we arrive at Hoy Como Ayer’s door step means more time spent dancing so don’t forget about this option either!

Mango’s Tropical Cafe

Mango’s Tropical Cafe is a great place to go dancing, with its salsa dancing lessons, live music and DJs. The drinks are also pretty good here. You can order some delicious food from their menu. If you like people watching and being surrounded by a lively atmosphere then this is the place for you! They have an open floor plan so there are many places to sit down or stand in order to look around at all the different people who come here!

The service at Mango’s Tropical Cafe is very good because they’re always happy to help out whenever needed. All of their staff members are always very friendly when serving customers too! One thing I love about this club is how well lit it is during night hours which makes it easy for me see what’s going on around me while still being able to talk with friends without straining my eyesight too much.”

Bongos Cuban Cafe

Bongos Cuban Cafe

If you are looking for a place with great food, music and atmosphere, then Bongos Cuban Cafe is a must stop. The restaurant is located on 2nd street in South Beach and has everything that is needed to have a good time. The service was great as well as the food and drinks. They also offer salsa dancing lessons which allow you to practice or just take part in the fun!

Spicy Mary’s Bar & Grill

Spicy Mary’s Bar & Grill:

  • Location: 2121 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-2am; Sat 10am-3am; Sun 10am-2am
  • Price range: $10-$15 per person (includes food and drinks)
  • Menu: Tacos, burgers, fries and more. Salsa lessons are available on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm. The dance floor is small but lively with great music every night of the week.

The Clevelander South Beach Hotel and Bar

If you’re looking for a great place to dance salsa, then the Clevelander South Beach Hotel and Bar is the spot for you. This hotel has been in operation since 1961 and has been known as one of the hottest places to be on South Beach.

The hotel’s bar offers great food and drinks and it also has a dance floor where there’s no shortage of energy or people ready to show off their salsa moves. The atmosphere here is exciting, fun and full of energy as dancers from all over the world come together at this location!

South Beach has some great salsa clubs.

There are several great salsa clubs in South Beach. Ball & Chain is one of the most popular, with great food and even better music. They offer classes, so if you want to learn how to dance before playing it on the floor, this is your place. If you’re looking for something more casual and laid back, try Mango’s Tropical Cafe. They have a number of bands that play salsa as well as other Latin rhythms throughout their week-long schedule. You’ll find Bongos Cuban Cafe all over Miami with locations in South Beach and Coral Gables being some of the best places to go if you’re looking for authentic Cuban cuisine with an incredible selection of drinks from mojitos to daiquiris!

Spicy Mary’s Bar & Grill has become quite popular recently because they don’t just have live performances; they also have DJs who spin Latin beats throughout each weekend night! This can be really fun if you’re looking for something upbeat since there’s always plenty going on inside this venue! The Clevelander South Beach Hotel and Bar has been around since 1980 making it one of Miami Beach’s oldest venues today – but don’t let that fool you because just like any other good bar should be able to do; they’ve got everything under control when it comes down t


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on the best salsa clubs in South Beach, Miami. We know there are so many choices to choose from but we feel that these are some of the most popular and top rated clubs. If we missed any other great places or if you want us to add some information about one of these clubs then please let us know!